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Shame Lyrics

slash and burn 

scalding pressure  

point of no return  

your demands make me sick  

tug of war lunatic

sure know something 

Simon says

don’t say nothin’

       use me I succumb 

       just keep rolling

       pound me like a drum

       keep on rolling 

       fire raging no control   

       give me back the life you stole 

       mute my voice I’m dumb  

sitting in shit is taboo

I wait to take  

my anger out on you 

freedom, without guilt 

who made up what we built

sure know something

mop up shame

don’t say nothin”


Cabbage Lyrics

tundra is melting

my heart melts too

our world is in hullabaloo

planted green cabbage

for the food bank’s advantage

time in the dirt

build heaven on Earth

     we dare repair

     bring it down to you and I

     two becomes three and then three becomes four and next

     four becomes more one more

healthy soil

say it’s dreaming

muddy hands give meaning 

bright yellow squash 

salad to toss

time in the dirt

build heaven on Earth


DISassociation Lyrics

child of seven bitter nights  tries to sleep parents fight 

come the dawn noise is gone  no one talks carry on

deny what you observe  hurry up breakfast is served

put on polished brand-new clothes  be sure no one ever knows

comes another bitter night  heart goes freeze parents fight  

    you taught me not to feel  you said it wasn’t real 

    facts I’ve learned to omit   mistakes I can’t admit

    if there’s meaning  I don’t feel it 

    my heart is  hurtin’  but I dis it 

    dis what I feel  miss what is real  disassociation

I became high achiever not a sustainability believer 

parading off to school  following the gag rule 

I learned to ignore hate  stick to status quo norms 

cover feelings rigid mask  it’s best to never ask

avoid painful reality  but I am now VIP 

I am in charge of policy for polution methodology 

specialists round the globe  talk to my frontal lobe 

4 hundred million face drought   54 trillion pay out 

I can not recognize pain  working together to keep sane

not wired in my brain  how to change this game





24″ / 15″ print

Lake Nephron for MamaQota

40″ / 40″ watercolor


Mama Qota is an environmental short documentary.In their own language Aymaran men illuminate our understanding of how their culture relates to the lakes in their home land as an extension of their own bodies, and as a spiritual source as well as ending ground.

Marina Morikawa is an environmental scientist who has been miraculously successful cleaning the pollution of these water bodies using natural methods. He is also interviewed, revealing a similar understanding of how we are mirrors of our Earth.



BREATHE Painting

The tree-lung painting of BREATHE ( 69 +1/4” wide and 48 +1/4” high) was inspired by my longing for my brother to have healthy lungs. Stomata of plants and our bronchi are reciprocal opposites, as I felt that he and I were in much of our approach to life.

Dedicated to the memories of:

Trusaun Tribne and Dr. Edgar Arnold “Ned” Buttner, MD, PHD



swans paddling in Venice  water

doves in Delhi fly like they oughta

the whole human race

shelters in place

switch out the market place

San Fransisco’s got clearer skies

China slows down it’s mega coal enterprise

the oxygen that we inhale

we all know it’s getting awfully stale

we got to breathe

to breathe

we can share the air that’s clear

in a premiere atmosphere

we’ve got to breathe

Boston’s clean energy could use some tax credit

our lungs could use support

from the U.S. senate

oxygen is a seeds career

the average tree can make

two hundred sixty nine lbs. a year

planting just two trees gives a family of four

enough oxygen for a year or more

we’ve got to breathe

to breathe

New York City turn down the nitro dioxide

Russia tap the wind, got a heavy supply

don’t you know

toucans need to breathe too


don’t you know

George Floyd needs to breathe too

honey bees, honey bees they need to breathe



VOTE Lyrics
lead vocals Toni Hall rap vocals Carsten Lindberg & Joachim Suare   all @ Great Dane Production Studios background vocals Marianne Bernhard @ Tommy Hall Productions bass Alex Cordrey drums Ben Leinbach guitar Gawain Mathews and Drew Youngs keyboard Joey Muller lyrics and music Marianne Bernhard music eng., prod., and mixed  Joey Muller @ Totally Cool productions  musicians  Gawain Mathews  Ben Leinbach Alexander Cordrey  lyrics  Marianne Bernhard  production 


this land is your land

this land is my land

this land is your land 

stand up and vote 

stand up and vote 

we all are collective

everybody’s connected

we are all aboard this boat

stand up and vote

stand up and vote

stand up and vote come on and stand up and vote

the vast oceans before us

are made up of tiny drops of water

every son and every daughter

each last one of us counts

we can’t afford to leave one out

talk about what goes on in this democracy

let’s not be apart of hypocrisy

show your might and do what’s right

voting is a way to show your light 

on election day keep your vision in sight

we are the people

we are the life blood

of the land of the free and the home of the brave

oh say did that star spangled banner yet wave

set yourself free 

this land was made for you and me

come on 

stand up and vote 

stand up and vote

stand up and vote

we need each other (we need each other)

every mother, father and brother

be apart of what makes the rock roll

feel yourself as apart of the whole

you’re a notch in the wheel

you’re a part of the deal

you’re vote could be the reason why

reach for the sky

as the people we make a difference

don’t let there be any interference

your place is not to be quiet

put your voice on the ballot

be the one with the mallet  

stand up and vote

stand up and vote

come on we need to stand up and vote

the electoral college doesn’t have the knowledge

so make a date with your state

put on your shoes and don’t forget your coat

show em where you want your vote

together we can turn the tide

so don’t give up till the fish is fried

the ballot is on your side

you be the guide

stand up and vote come on

we are the people

we are the life blood

of the land of the free and the home of the brave

land of the children’s pride

from every mountain side

this land was made for you and me

we are the people (Ohio)

we are the life blood (Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Mexico)

of the land of the free and the home of the brave (Arizona, New Hampshire)

land of the children’s pride (West Virginia, Missouri, Iowa)

from every mountain side (Wisconsin, Nevada, Maine)

this land was made for you and me (Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, Arkansas)

come on 

stand up and vote

stand up and vote

this land was made for you and me

everybody I want to see you there on election day

(I’m gonna be there)

this land was made for you and me